Dota2 Stats Img

Dota2 Stats Img


Dota2 Stats Img

Dota2 Stats Img - is a simple service that provides your dota2 match making data dynamically in an image, so can be used as a signature. It uses dotabuff statistics, so if there will be nothing - it will show nothing. Note: generated image is cached for 6 hours.


It doesn't show anything??

Make sure your dotabuff page is working. If dotabuff page works - contact me.

Have a suggestion / improvement??

If you have some suggestion or improvement - contact me.

What is account id?

Account id is your steam 32bit profile which means can be not more than 2^32 = 4294967296. I suppose that's why valve decided to use steam64 bit id's. Less numbers - more elite :D.

Where I can find account id? (Method #1)

Simpliest way is to go to dotabuff and copy your number in dotabuff link

Where I can find account id? (Method #2)

Second way is to use as it supports any input and outputs everything including this steam 32bit profile aka account id.